Welcome Technical Divers

Bruce Konefe; pioneer technical cave and deep wreck, side mount and rebreather Instructor Trainer- with  over 29 years full-time experience planning and organizing the most ambitious technical diving expeditions throughout most of Asia. Along side of planning and organizing expeditions has 12 years experience  as a Instructor Trainer Director.

Deep Tec Diver the best for tec, cave, wreck  and rebreather exploration in Asia!

There are many excellent diving facilities around the world.  What sets “Deep Tec Diver” ahead of the rest is plain and simple: I have real experience of top-level technical diving expeditions!

I do more then just take out daily trips and teach courses. I am continuously involved in various world-class technical diving projects and exploration-grade cave/wreck diving expeditions.

Over the past 2 decades, I have been fundamentally involved in the development and evolution of technical diving in Asia.  Not only have I taught a generation of technical instructors and divers, I have been a key player in the development of multiple technical training courses, mapping virgin caves, discovering and surveying mystery wrecks… and bringing multiple CCR units to popularity across Asia-Pacific.

Technical Diving Instructor Credibility and Experience!

“Deep Tec Diver” provides all levels of world-class    recreational and technical diving courses through ANDI.  These courses include; cave diving, advanced trimix technical, advanced sidemount technical wreck and a huge range of rebreather units (to trimix cave advanced-exploratory levels).  In addition, experience as an ANDI Instructor Training Director for a period of 6 years working amongst some of the best in the business.

Many technical diving and recreational scuba instructors teach at the same dive sites every day – and that is all they do. We all know that you have to have experience out in the real world, in diverse and challenging locations, to become a highly qualified and experienced instructor. That is what I offer to my students!

In addition, my advanced diving courses are limited to two (2) students per course.  This ratio guarantees the most effective training for your money.  No sausage factories!

You focus on learning and I handle the logistics.  You will never be sitting in the dive center until 9:00 pm filling technical diving cylinders.  During your training every effort is made to finish class by 6:00pm in the evening – allowing you to keep well rested and have ample time to study.

I do not run my students through an assembly line or take short-cuts: quality of training, student performance and customer satisfaction are always the main priorities!

Cave Diving, Technical and Wreck Expeditions!

If you are interested in doing something other than taking courses all the time, how about putting all that cave or technical diving training to use?  I can arrange an adventurous ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ expedition that best suits your time-frame and your training level.

With over 25 years of experience of living and diving in Asia, traveling and teaching all over SE Asia…and qualifying advanced technical or cave divers to instructor level… I do have serious and credible experience.

I offer trips to dive sites and wrecks that no one has ever heard of.  My groups have dived on WW2 wrecks in 60 meters, lots of  freighters and even ancient pottery wrecks.

We, technical and cave divers, thrive on diving something new and exciting… whether it be a virgin cave, deep-water reef or un-dived wreck.  Our expedition dives range in depth from 20 to 200 meters… we find new wrecks every year… we map new caves every year!