Surface Diver – A great place for the very young kids to start off. What they learn in the pool will help them later when they get older and want to learn to scuba dive. They will learn how to properly use mask, snorkel and fins. These exact same skills will be applied when they get older and want to dive.

Confined Environment Diver – As the kids get older they can take what they learned in the Surface Diver course and combine it to what they will learn in the Confined Environment Diver Course. This course will allow the student to dive in a area of the lake or ocean that is of a complete safe area. Besides using the basic mask, snorkel and fins they are trained to use the basic SCUBA equipment with regulators and tanks.

Junior Open Water Sport Diver – After the completion the youngsters will be able to dive to a depth of 15 meters as long as they are with a parent or legal guardian.

Open Water Sport DiverAfter finishing the basic Open Water the student will be able to walk into any dive center around the world show them there license and be able to rent equipment and go diving. The ANDI Open Water course will give teach them all the basic skills and give them the knowledge they need to dive.

Advanced Open Water Sport Diver – To be certified as a ANDI “ADVANCED Open Water” the student must enroll in the Limited SafeAir course and also complete 3 different specialties. Specialties such as Deep, Drift, Wreck etc may be chooses as the specialties that you would like to learn about.

Rescue DiverNow that you have logged a numerous amount of dives and have proven that you can take care of yourself, now is the time to learn how to take care of others in need. This course will teach you how to deal with divers that might be struggling in some difficult situations that they might encounter. The student will be shown the skills needed to help get them under control and back on the boat where they should feel comfortable

Oxygen ProviderIn a majority of diving instances especially Oxygen is given to the patient. We will during this course train you on how to set up a 02 system and how to help patients recover while breathing 02.

CPR – During this course you will be taught the same procedures that the doctors use all around the world to help recover both children and adults. This course is not just for divers but is useful information that can be used around the work or in the typical household.

First Aid Provider – Accidents can happen anywhere you go, whether it be on a boat or while you are going to the local store. We will teach you skills on how to deal with a variety of accidents and such skills will be taught on how to properly bandage and prepare a patient for when the local medical authorities arrive. Again this course is useful for divers and also at work or in the household.

DivemasterAt this level is when the diver learns how to properly run dive trips and also get you started in helping your local dive Instructor. We will teach you how to giver a proper dive briefing, boat briefing and test your knowledge and swimming skills to see if you are up for the challenge.

Assistant Instructor – AI’s spend a lot of time working with others Instructors and are able to teach some courses before you become a full fledge Instructor. A lot of your time will be spent learning about the outline the courses are made from and also the method of teaching you should use.

Instructor – The student has been slowly learning some of the needed information to be a Instructor in the previous courses. The student will be examined on both his physical fitness and also to make sure that there knowledge is up to a professional level that we expect out of all of are Instructors.

ANDI Recreational Course Prerequisites

Surface Diver – 4 – 8 years old (accompanied by parent or legal guardian).
Confined Environment Diver – 8 – 12 years old ( accompanied by parent or legal guardian).
Junior Open Water Sport Diver – 12 – 16 years old ( accompanied by parent or legal guardian).
Open Water Sport Diver – 16 years old ( accompanied by parent or legal guardian).
Advanced Open Water Sport Diver – 116 years old + Open water certified.
Rescue Diver – O/W + AOW
Oxygen Provider – Nil
CPR – Nil
First Aid Provider – Nil
Divemaster – AOW + Rescue Qualified
Assistant Instructor – DM qualified
Instructor – AI qualified