The ANDI Advanced Diver Medic Technician Course with Bruce Konefe is a two week training course.  The courses will be conducted from Monday – Friday 0800 a.m. – 5 pm. During your training courses you will be introduced to some of the most knowledgeable DMO (Diving Medical Officers) and certified nurses. As a student you will be shown some of the most up to date and advanced medical care given to a patient in a Diving environment.

Here is a list of some of the information that will be covered during your training.


Diving physiology/gases/ pressure review/Decompression theory

Neurological Exam

CNS Toxicity/Convulstions


Treating a patient in Shock

Decompression Illness/Arterial Gas embolism/Bar0trauma

Near drowning/ear infections/ prevention

Salt water aspiration

Inert Counter Diffusion

In Water Recompression

High Pressure Nervous System(HPNS)/Compression arthralgia

Narcosis/ Deep water black out

Carbon dioxide/Carbon monoxide Poisioning

Cardiac arrest/AED

Oxygen Administration/oxygen handling/cleaning


Intravenous Fluid Therapy

Administration of Drugs

Patient examination

Checking Blood pressure/temperature/respiratory rate/pulse


The Structure of the body/Nervous system/ circulatory system/skeletal system

Transportation of patient of clinic/hospital

Bleeding/ bandaging

Taking care of Fractures and sprains


In/out of water Diving accidents

Airway obstruction/maintance/advanced airway technique

Dealing with Marine environment and the dangers.

Safety/protection when dealing with fluids

Emergency first aid kits/supplies/Oxygen kits

This is not a complete list but a good ideal of what you will be learning during your two week training course.