• Born in Dearborn, Michigan – 27 March 1961
  • Graduated from Algonac Michigan in 1979
  • Four years U.S. Marine Corp as a Combat Engineer (1981-85)
  • Learned to dive while stationed in Okinawa Japan (1981)
  • Became full time scuba instructor in 1994 (PADI OWSI)
  • Become technical diver (ANDI) in 1995
  • Appointed NSS CDS Safety Director for Thailand
  • Appointed ANDI Instructor Training Director #15 on 22 Dec 2010

Example Technical Diving Expeditions:-

  • Discovery and survey of 9 ancient pottery wrecks – Gulf of Thailand
  • Led the primary wreck exploration on many Japanese/US war wrecks – Gulf of Thailand
  • Technical support diver for Indonesia scientific expedition; filming rare marine life (150m CCR dives)
  • Consultant for Vietnamese government project to survey offshore ancient pottery wreck (80m)
  • Stage support diver in Southern Thailand deep cave exploration (200m CCR cave dives)
  • Support/preparatory team member World Depth Record attempt (260m dives)
  • Bottom phase diver on Yamashiro/Fuso battleship project (200m CCR dives)
  • Discovery and mapping of 25 virgin cave systems; Thailand & Philippines

Previous Educational Projects:-

  • Technical diving trainer for the Thailand Government Archaeology Department
  • Royal Thailand Navy hyperbaric chamber trainer/operator (logged 480+ hours
  • Provided Philippines government/military hyperbaric chamber operator/tender course
  • Trained Royal Thailand Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) on CCR Inspiration level 2-3
  • Developed ANDI Sidemount and Technical Sidemount courses.
  • Contributing author for ANDI L 2-5 OC & CCR Cave Courses, Instructor Procedures, Exams and Teaching Media
  • Author of the ANDI DPV/Trimix/Cave Survey/ Sidemount Cave courses
  • Author of the ANDI Cavern – Full Cave/Mine Manual
  • Author of the ANDI Cave Specialty Manual
  • Co – Author of the ANDI Solo diving course
  • Co – Author of the ANDI Level 4 & 5 OC/ CCR Wreck courses

Ongoing Technical Diving Projects:-

  • Location and exploration of appropriate training caves across the Asia region
  • Develop & promotion of fledgling cave diving communities in several countries
  • Expeditionary diving projects to explore remote cave systems in the Philippines jungle
  • Shipwreck exploration in the Philippines; searching for undiscovered ancient and WWII wrecks

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