ANDI Level One

This is a great way to get started in the underwater world of bubble less Closed Circuit Rebreather diving. This course will start you out with learning the basic fundamentals skills of buoyancy/ and controlling the unit. This course has a very limited amount of skills in order to not over task load the student. We are wanting the student to master these skills that will in the future let you be able to handle the additional skills in level 2.

ANDI Level Two

SCR- Semi Closed Rebreather

A 4/5 course learning how to dive with one of the most up to date computer controlled Semi Closed Rebreathers. This is a beginning experience to dive in the world of silence.

A excellent course for those of you who are really into getting close to the Marine life and also taking pictures.

CCR- Closed Circuit Rebreather

Other then just silent diving you can learn to dive with a unit that leaves no bubble trails. Fish and turtles will actually turn around and take a second look. There is nothing else in the world like diving with a CCR. These units will allow you to spend more time underwater enjoying the view. It will only take 5 days to learn how to operate one of these sophisticated units.

Level 2 CCR Limitations: May use the specific rebreather system at 30 m/100 fsw performing  No StopRequired profiles. RBS is required.

(ANDI does offer these different SCR/CCR courses. Please contact deeptecdiver to see which units that they are able to offer at this time.)

ANDI Level Three

Technical Rebreather Diver (TRD)

You do not have to dive open circuit to do decompression diving. Learn to do decompression diving up to a depth of 40 meters on your CCR rebreather. With a CCR you will enjoy more bottom time and less decompression.

TRD Limitations: May use all Nitrox and Oxygen mixtures to 40 m (130 fsw) during decompression profiles limited to a maximum of 30 minutes deco-time per dive, using the rebreather system specified. No hard overhead / penetration permitted. RBS is required.

Technical Tri-mix Diver (TTR) Course

For those of you that need the extra depth to reach a certain reef and need the extra safety can enjoy  diving using Tri-mix down to a depth of 50 m/165 fsw, with 45 minutes deco time. The safest way to explore the deeper depths using helium. Highly recommended for those that have a overhead environment qualification and using your CCR for those dives.

ANDI Level Four

Tri-mix Rebreather Diver

Level 4 Tri-mix Rebreather diver  is a 60m/200fsw CCR course. This course  allows the use of  unlimited deco/tanks. The use of up to a 1.45 Po2 during the dive and a 1.6 Po2 at rest. The PN2 is limited to a 3.6 to keep the narcosis at a safe level. This course is a good way to bridge the gap before taking on the Tri-mix Rebreather Explorer course.

ANDI Level 5

Tri-mix Rebreather Explorer

Silent diving, No bubbles, less decompression. This can only be done on CCR. Depths during the course can take you down to 100 meters.

Rebreather Explorer – Level 5 Limitations: May use the specific rebreather system with Helium and Oxygen mixtures without limitations. Attainable depths are relative to experience levels and the quality of available technical support. No hard overhead / penetration permitted.

ANDI Rebreather Course Prerequisites


CCI Level 1 – CSD or OWD with 10 dives
SCR Level 2 – CSU + 20 Dives + AOW
CCR Level 2 INSPIRATION, EVOLUTION, KISS – OWD + CSU + 50 prior open water dives.
Technical Rebreather Diver Level 3 – SCR/CCR + TSD + pretest + 25 rebreather dives.

Tri-mix Rebreather Diver Level 4 – SCR/CCR TRD + 200 OW dives +  75 dives/hours

Tri-mix Rebreather Explorer Level 5 – Level 4 CCE + 200 prior OW dives + 75 rebreather dives/hours

REBREATHER Instructor level

SCR Level 2 – CSI + SCR + 25 Dives on the specific rebreather + 50 hours of rebreather experience.
CCR Level 2 – CSI + CCR + 25 dives on the specific rebreather + 100 hours of rebreather experience.
Level 3 – TSI + CCR or SCR RBI + 100 hours on the specific unit.

Level 4 – TRI +ERD+ TMD Instructor lectures + 100 hours of rebreather experience.
Level 5 –  XRI Level 4 + ERD + TMD lectures + 100 hours rebreather experience.