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Provides complete dive planning information, Dive Table generation, printable detailed reports, a proven track record, user friendly format and low cost as only some of the strong features of this product.

Many other unique features make this program a vital tool in any diver’s equipment inventory. The ANDI-Gap DivePlanner supports all diving applications from recreational and technical diving from SafeAir to full Tri-Mix diving with open- 2 circuit or constant PO2 closed circuit rebreather system options. Of course, it can switch between Metric and Imperial units and is also available in several western languages.

This unique software has full profile analysis capabilities which enables a minute by minute analysis of the profile where the tissue loading, decompression profile, gas switches and ceiling indication is shown. A requirement for ANDI instructors. Available through your local ANDI Training Facility!

Either ANDI Training Facilities or individuals can register the software with ANDI International. Send an email to and supply the following information: the ANDI Training Facility that the software was purchased from, User Name, Country and Postal Code, Unique ID Number, and specify which version / part number is being registered (CCR/SafeAir, or CCR/Trimix). The activation code will normally be emailed within 48 hours of receipt.

The unique ID number for your specific computer is found by running the software, clicking on the “Help” on the menu bar, and choose registration. The Unique ID Number is located in the lower corner of the pop-up dialog box.

It WILL NOT work for any other computer.

Dive Planning Computer Software – Product End User Price

  • 6-001 ANDI -GAP DivePlanner (Level 3) SafeAir full function for O/C & CCR 129.00
  • 6-002 ANDI -GAP DivePlanner (Level 5) Tri-Mix full function for O/C & CCR 229.00
  • 6-003 ANDI -GAP DivePlanner upgradeLevel 3 to Level 5 O/C & CCR 129.00
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