Wrecks in the Philippines

Subic Bay Wrecks

Subic Bay is a mecca for Philippines Shipwrecks…


One of the best dives you could do in Subic Bay is the USS NEW YORK. The wreck can be dove by both Recreational and Technical divers. The USS New York was built in 1891 and scuttled by the US Navy in 1941. The wreck lays at a depth of 28 meters. The over all length of the wreck is 110 meters long.

El Capitan

This vessel was built in 1919 and sunk in a storm in April 1946. The overall length of the El Capitan is 80 meters long and sits on the sand in 22 max depth. A excellent dive by either recreational or technical divers with easy penetration and can see out through out most of the wreck.

LST (Landing Ship Tank)

The LST is approximately 100 meters long and sits in 34 meters of water. First built in 1946 designed to transport tanks and heavy armored vehicles. The wreck has two passages ways/berthing areas town side that can be penetrated by qualified technical wreck divers and there is also a nice swim through under the main deck where the vehicles would be parked.

Japanese Patrol Boat

The Japanese Patrol boat is about 38 meters long and sits at 26 meters depth. This is a nice dive that has some penetration points.

LCU (Landing Craft Utility)

Top of the wreck is at 9m tand lays on a slope at 22m max. The wreck is intact with a couple small rooms that you swim through with out much difficulty. A good wreck to start wreck training on.

San Quintin

Scuttled and lays at a shallow depth of 16 meters. Loaded with a lot of marine life. The San Quintin was scuttled in 1898 near Grande Island with a lot of coral life in the area.

Niko Maru

The Nikko Maru lays in about 54 meters down to the sand. The deck is in the 50 meter depth. There are a lot of lion fish on this wreck and other nice critters to see. There is some penetration points but some of the deck has collapsed over the years. The total length of the wreck is about 36 meters long. A 15 to 20 minute bottom time for technical divers should give you plenty of time to see the wreck. If you really want you can do a longer dive and explore it more thoroughly.

Seian Maru

A Japanese Freighter built in 1938 that was sunk by the US military back in December of 1944. The ship is 110 meters long and lays at a depth of 27 meters.


Located near Grande Island. Very shallow depths but a good training area for beginning divers. There is some marine life also to keep it exciting.

Oryoku Maru

The Oryoku is also known as the ‘Hell Ship’.  It was sunk by US military not knowing the shp was carrying prisoners of war on 15 Dec 1944. 1619 American and Britian prisoners where killed. The wreck lays at a depth 22 meters

Kyo Maru

Lies at 69 m.


Bomber plane lies at 72m.