The ANDI Solo Diver is qualified to dive without utilizing the “buddy system”. The Solo
Diver is qualified to plan and execute dives independently with an emphasis on self-reliance
and self-rescue. Since the concept of solo diving is outside of the conventional definition of
“recreational sport diving”, this is a Level 3 program within the ANDI system.  For level 2 Decompression-Stop-Required diving is not a required activity for this rating.

The ANDI Solo Diver L3 diving activities are limited by the highest ANDI certification rating
previously earned. Level 2 divers entering this program are limited to level 2 profiles during
the training.

Within the ANDI system level 4 & 5 diving stresses the value of the buddy system. This
programs training limits follow Level 3 profiles even if the diver holds an ANDI L5 rating.
Decompression obligations exceeding 30 minutes, depths exceeding 30m (100fsw),
penetration diving with hard overhead are outside of the scope of this training. Once
certified as a Solo Diver, a previously certified L4 or L5 may operate at that level in a solo
mode. The highest level attained may be applied.

As appearing on the Certification Credentials: May dive independently ( a team of one ),
use all SafeAir & Oxygen mixtures during dive profiles limited by the highest certification
level attained. No hard overhead penetration training included here.